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Great Quality Starts from Raw Meterial

First 75 D/144 F fine denier porous polyester POY was produced by the direct melt spinning process with blowback cooling device DIO ring and WINGS winding and then drawn textured into DTY with FK6V-1000 machine.But the inherent quality of POY debase the quality of DTY such as dyeing problem.The effect of the polyester PET property index,melt temperature,Article POY dry,POY oil uniformity and the internal stress of POY on DTY dyeing.The result shows that the stable DEG content in melt,the nicer uniformity of flow melt spinning,lower oil rate and CV value can effectively reduce the imperfect dyeing yarn and make DTY M rate above 98%.

Effect of yarn irregularity of POY on different CV % of DTY is analysed, the linear realation between the above two are discovered. The method of decreasing the yarn irregularity of POY is to strengthen the key point control of process and equipment,adjusting the cross air blow speed to 0.40 ~ 0.60 m/s, the take-up tension to 1.8~2.2 N, the contact pressure to 100~110 kPa and decreasing the spindle difference etc.The quality of DTY should be increased.

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